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We all start somewhere in our journey of doing what we love to do. My creative journey started when I was  around 12 years old. As a young child I watched and learned as my Dad, Uncle and Grand Papa built pirogues in the garage. It’s quite an  experience to go out duck hunting in the marsh using a homemade pirogue (even if I did flip over into the water a time or two)... These are the kind of great memories that last a lifetime...! They inspired me to learn a thing or two about the enjoyment of woodworking and being creative.  I built my soap box Derby cars in the same garage from age 12, 13 & 14 and raced them down the Wisner Blvd  overpass during those years.  I have renovated and restored old wood yachts and sailboats and built furniture. My wife and I enjoy participating in many art  shows with my wood art.  “I consider each and every step of the pieces I design and build as my masterpiece… because I want the finished product to reflect the quality and creativeness of my work.  I study and evaluate  each piece so I can get ideas and details that will evolve in my future creations. When I am doing this I feel that I am having entirely too much fun...! Like the old saying goes "it's not the destination... it’s the journey" However, I also feel that each destination reached is great because it means a new journey is now beginning...and this new journey will be even exciting and fun because of things I’ve learned and experienced during my last journey. My most important expectation is that I  will continually be able to do what I am really passionate about doing. If a person cannot be satisfied with their own work they most certainly cannot expect others to appreciate every step that has gone into creating it.” ...Greg Little
 Persistance & Endurance Is Always Rewarded